Update 6: School Board and School District say: nothing, nothing at all

On September 4, 2013, I started raising the questions that are posted on this site with the Cheldelin Middle School principal and a member of the CSD509J Elected School Board.  By September 18, it had escalated to multiple board members, the IT technical staff of CSD509J, etc.  To this date, our serious questions have not been resolved (most not even addressed) directly in public or private, though the school district seems to have done its best to ignore our contacts.  The lone voice of discussion on the issues has been Rob Singleton, but that channel of communication has not actually resolved anything.

In recognition that targeted discussions were not making progress, I sent an email on October 23, 2013, challenging the entire Elected School Board and School District Staff to start acknowledging the questions and addressing them.  The collective response to everyone involved, to date, has been nothing but silence.  You can read my email below, verbatim.

Tonight, November 4, is the next official School Board Meeting, at 6:30pm in the CSD509J headquarters building.  I apparently will be attending in person, and asking why no one is willing to talk about these issues, or hold an open dialogue with the parents and families in the district.  At this point, I have low expectations, and expect I’ll have to start exercising other options to make progress.  If you’re interested or following along, I encourage you to attend as well (sorry for the late notice, I really should have posted this more than 3 hours before the meeting).


From: Josh Fryman <josh.fryman@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:30 PM
Subject: A complete lack of open discussion regarding iPad rollout
To: schoolboard@corvallis.k12.or.us
Cc: Hathai Sangsupan <hathai.sangsupan@gmail.com>, Anthony Rimel <Anthony.Rimel@gtconnect.com>

To each of you on this distribution list:

Since September 4 of this year, my wife and I have been raising security, privacy, liability, funding, training, and evaluation concerns regarding the iPad rollout by the Corvallis School District.

To date, no answers other than dismissals or silence have been returned.  Casual conversations with vendors indicate that the beliefs of the school district are not true regarding the fundamental technical issues.

With repeated email exchanges and in-person exchanges, we still have no answers to our concerns or issues.  Finally, on October 14, I sent to the Superintendent Erin Prince, Cheldelin Principal Jeff Brew, Cheldelin Assistant Principal Lisa Krause, District Technology Specialist Rob Singleton, and Board Representative Tom Sauret a direct question about when, where, and how some form of discussion or open forum would take place to address these issues.

Again, we have received nothing but silence.  My wife and I have posted publicly our concerns, and what interactions we have had.  Many other parents have given us their support and shared concerns privately, with several posting publicly their sentiments.  All of our concerns and these interactions are available on a web site to document this entire situation:  www.metasoup.com

Why is there no accountability?  Why is there no discussion?  Why is the school district remaining silent in the face of valid issues that remain unaddressed?

We are amazed that so little acknowledgement or engagement has taken place, after nearly two months of asking questions.

We are only raising some of the concerns that multiple families have for this program.  Are none of you willing to stand up and address these many issues?

Josh Fryman & Hathai Sangsupan

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