Update 4: The answer is – let’s ignore the issues . . . ?

On October 14, 2013, I sent the email message below to Superintendent Erin Prince, Cheldelin Principal Jeff Brew, Cheldelin Assistant Principal Lisa Krause, Technology Specialist Rob Singleton, and Board Member Tom Sauret.  What response has there been in any form after 10 days?

Absolutely nothing.  What does that indicate for the genuine interest or concern the school district has for any of these issues or parental concerns?

(And let’s not talk about buying a thousand or so iPad devices that are technically antiquated less than two months later by more advanced platforms for a similar price.  Somehow I doubt Apple gave any discounts to the school district.)

========= Email verbatim ============

Hi all,
We have all talked in various times, places, and forums about the iPad roll-out.  My wife and I have raised a lot of issues on the security, privacy, and related matters.
None of these have been addressed.
The iPad roll-out continues, as evidenced by the paperwork coming home this week and notices of hand-outs on October 17-18.
When, where, and how will you open up an honest dialog with the parents of the school district around these issues?  In a way that allows for open mic question-and-answer time?


Now, to add a bit of additional content, we were out of town from October 16 – October 22.  It turns out the school did not hand out the iPad devices while we were gone, despite the paperwork processing and announcements.  For unspecified reasons, according to our daughter, the handout has been delayed to sometime in November.

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