Update 3: these iPads will be handed out . . . now!

The school is ratcheting up the pressure on parents to sign up for the iPad insurance program, accept a device, etc.   They are rolling out the devices this week, Oct 17-18, to students.  I remain unable to get any responses to any of my concerns, not from the school board, not from the district staff, and not from the principal or assistant principal.

The interesting thing about the paperwork sent home is that it does not present any options for not participating in the program.  So I wrote my own cover letter, my wife and I signed it, and we stapled it on top of their paperwork packet and terms.  I include it below, both for archival purposes as well as in case others are looking for a similar letter to use as a template for their own concerns.

October 13, 2013

To whom it may concern:

 We, the parents of Brieana Fryman, of Cheldelin Middle School, do not consent to her participating in the 1:World program that issues an Apple iPad device to each student.  We will not accept the device in our home, nor will we accept any financial liability or other usage terms around such devices.

 Our daughter has our permission to use iPad devices in the classroom, should the school choose to provide them.  We only consent to the device being in the classroom, and not in any other location.  Moreover, if the school chooses to assign a device for our daughter to use while within the classroom, the school will do so at its own financial culpability and responsibility.  We will not assume any liability for the devices at all.

 The school and the school district continue to ignore our requests for additional information, or detailed responses to security and privacy concerns.  These are all documented in letters circulated amongst the members of the staff, district, and school board.  They also are available online at www.metasoup.com in an easy-to-read format.  Until our concerns are addressed, we will not change our views on this program regarding Apple iPad devices.


Joshua Fryman

Hathai Sangsupan

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  1. Dr. Fryman, would you please contact me to organize a response/ testimony at the next Board meeting? I will be submitting a letter as well. Thank you very much.

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