The “living” document about the iPad situation

The document we have posted regarding our concerns and issues with the iPad rollout in our school district ( is meant to be a “living” document.

As comments roll in, and we get updated information, we will add to and evolve the document itself.  There may be better citations, studies that prove us wrong, or studies that strengthen our current views.  That’s part of this exercise: publishing the letter and accepting that the situation is not static.  If you comment, we will not quote you directly without your consent.  Any references to published studies, news articles, or other topical materials we will try to read and understand in a timely manner.

If you find that your school district, or a school district you have some affiliation with due to friends or relatives, you might want to consider the items we have raised with our own school district.  Some items may not apply, but you will probably find that most – if not all – do apply.  We invite one and all to use this letter as a template for their own concerns, to quote it verbatim or use excerpts as desired.  However, we do ask that if you use the letter or portions of it, that you please do your best effort to track changes we make in your version.  We do not want to disseminate incorrect information.


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