Update 7: Your policy is to not answer questions . . . ? Really?!

As an update to the School Board meeting last night, for those keeping track of events, it was not a satisfying result.  After sitting through over two hours of discussions and materials – some of which was interesting in an academic way – what I discovered was that the people compiling statistics and graphs for the school district do not understand how to do statistics and graphs.  If you try to take the arithmetic mean of a wildly varying set of numbers, or a very small set of numbers with a large range, it’s not very meaningful.  There are better methods.  And the discussion about classroom sizes should have been handled with histograms, not historical averages.  But I digress . . .

After two hours of discussion, during which time several public audience members left due to the late hour, the floor was opened to the public for testimony.  I was called on first, with a three-minute timer for each member of the public.  Continue reading “Update 7: Your policy is to not answer questions . . . ? Really?!”

Update 6: School Board and School District say: nothing, nothing at all

On September 4, 2013, I started raising the questions that are posted on this site with the Cheldelin Middle School principal and a member of the CSD509J Elected School Board.  By September 18, it had escalated to multiple board members, the IT technical staff of CSD509J, etc.  To this date, our serious questions have not been resolved (most not even addressed) directly in public or private, though the school district seems to have done its best to ignore our contacts.  The lone voice of discussion on the issues has been Rob Singleton, but that channel of communication has not actually resolved anything.

In recognition that targeted discussions were not making progress, I sent an email on October 23, 2013, challenging the entire Elected School Board and School District Staff to start acknowledging the questions and addressing them.  The collective response to everyone involved, to date, has been nothing but silence.  Continue reading “Update 6: School Board and School District say: nothing, nothing at all”

Update 5: A conversation with Rob Singleton

So I had a one-on-one meeting with Rob Singleton, the technology manager behind the 1:World program, this past Friday morning.  It was supposed to be a one-hour technical chat, but turned into two since it wound up encompassing bigger philosophical items.

Rob was going to demo what the AppTrak software could do, but we quickly ran into two significant problems. Continue reading “Update 5: A conversation with Rob Singleton”